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If “CSI” gets renewed for a 16th season, which has not been announced yet, Jorja Fox will be left as the only remaining original cast member.

Eads, 46, signed on to return to the procedural as a regular along with the rest of the cast when CBS renewed the show in March.

I had the surgery done and had a post op check up a month later and my X-ray was stuck up behind the doctor.

I said I felt great, and said, ' Well, it could be worse, I could be that guy (in the X-ray)! ' and I was like, ' I didn't know I was going to get five screws in my back!

Eads and co-star Jorja Fox were both briefly fired from the show in 2004 after they tried to hold out for more money from the network and studio.

Eads is one of only three stars who have been with"CSI" from the pilot.

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