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There have been generations of technological advances that have transformed how adolescents and teenagers communicate with their friends, but the texting generation has brought an entirely new perspective on relationships and connecting.

"About 77% of teens own a cellphone, with one in four owning a smartphone. 75% said they actively text; 63% said they text every day." Only a fraction of teenagers, 39% to be exact, actually use their phones to make phone calls daily.

There are many benefits to this trend for both the children and their parents, as kids can talk to their friends without conflict regarding home phone use.

Parents are also always a phone call away in the event of an emergency situation.

It was also found that only 35% of teenagers said they socialize face-to-face with friends outside of school – proving just how heavily teenagers rely on computers and cellphones in their daily lives for social interactions.

Though texting allows teens to connect to their friends fast and with extreme ease, there are many dangers that come with it.

Texting appear to take over teens’ lives, and distract them from many important activities, or even get them involved in risky behaviors.

It is a crime if you make, send out, or have an ‘offensive’ picture of someone under the age of 18 (including yourself) who is: The law calls these images ‘child abuse material’, or more commonly, child pornography.

Child abuse material can include films, photos, digital images and videos sent by SMS, email, in chat rooms or published on blogs.

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