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It starts with the three Balinese dancers performing their traditional dance, their hand gestures and facial expressions need no words to explain anything, it’s pure mesmerizing musical involvement.

It’s out of this body experience, it takes control of your mind, your body is still glued at your seat but your soul has been transcended to this incredible world of Samsara.

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But this is like a Woody Allen film: either you love it or hate it.

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The real meaning of samsara is “the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.” It’s the core concept which marks its presence throughout the documentary.

Beginning of the life has been showed through the baptism ritual being performed on the children.

In your personal collection you can save your favorite offers. They not only despise their suburban surroundings, they plot against it. T." is a wealthy Dallas gynecologist for some of the wealthiest women in Texas who finds his idealist life beginning to fall apart starting when his wife, Kate, ...In the end, the film was released with the word "thief" masked by a beep.It puts you under some spell you just can’t get your eyes off the screen for 140min.That’s the power of this bewitching visual treat,directed and photographed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson in 2011.

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