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I would know if someone has some experience to share with regarding My SQL.

UPDATE The database will be accessed by C# software (max 10 at the same times) and web application (2-3 at the same times), It is important to mention that only few update will be done on the big tables, only insert query.

The number of application connected at the same times would be less than 10.

The data volume forecast for the next 5 years are: My first idea was to use My SQL, but I have found around the web several articles saying that My SQL is not designed for big database. Is there someone to tell me if My SQL is able to handle my data model?

I have created two files one is '.sh' and another one is '.py' file. -rwxrwxr-x 1 acespritech-bhaviraj acespritech-bhaviraj 152 Aug 8 14:...

A Tomcat Server suddenly shows an increment of 2 GB memory consumption after adding more data into the Application or Application Oracle Database.

I am running a Postgres instance for a ~200GB database (including data and indexes). My options for disk are either network block storage or local SSD. I had added 3 single token nodes to our existing Data Center as specified in datastax document : Add Rpl Single Token Currently ... Hi I have a Synology NAS DS216j in my LAN and I am running a postgre SQL database on it.

So, to clarify, I'm aware I could dump the database using tools written for the database that don't know anything about azure. I am try to find a way to connect and run my database from a computer outside my LAN so I can use it and update ...

He suggested that somewhere in the twisting catacombs of 2nd Quadrant was a beta version of Word Press running on Postgres instead of My SQL.I read that Postgres would be a good alternative, but require a lot of hours for tuning to be efficient with big tables.I don't think so that my project would use NOSQL database.Binary prefixes are becoming more predominant in scholarly literature, descriptions of computer hardware and open source software.The Ubuntu developer Canonical implemented an updated units policy in 2010 and as of Ubuntu 10.10 all versions now adhere to the IEC binary prefix for base-2 units and the SI prefix for base-10 units.

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The unit was established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 1998..

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