Dating in the dark

Is it possible to be enamored of a TV show concept but uninspired by its execution?

That's the sentiment after watching the pilot episode of ABC's latest attempt to pair up young, straight, white folks in "Dating in the Dark."Proposing to answer the question, is love blind?

Scott Mills (Voiceover: 2009-10) Sarah Harding (2011) Matthew Horne (Voiceover: 2016-) Talpa and Initial for Living, 9 September 2009 to 5 July 2011 (24 episodes in 3 series) Twofour for ITV2, 15 September 2016 to present Three men and three women move into a specially constructed house where they periodically meet in a 'dating room'.

The catch is, and the more astute amongst you may have gleaned this from the title, is that the dating room is pitch black.

It’s done over a four-course dinner with each of the girls talking to a different guy over each course.

The girls and guys then decide — based only on the chat — whether they want to meet each other in the light, and if it’s mutual they do.

An initial dark group meeting is followed by a series of one-on-ones initiated by participants, and soon the six are three pairs. "Dark" is an interesting idea with a refreshing lack of bombast and fakery that propels so many reality shows: The participants are clean-cut, pleasantly attractive regular folks (though one has a Jude Law aura).

So if you are rejected, it is a real rejection of you and not just the way you look.Noelle is also very worried due to her quite deep voice.She thinks that the guys will wonder why there is another guy across the table and reckons the transgender topic will come up pretty fast.Even the episode's ending is somewhat anti-climactic (paging rejected guy: Give me a call; that gal was crazy).That said, the show is best seen as an excellent infomercial for a new dating service.

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Unable to see, she must rely on her other senses – will she find true love?

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  1. It's hilarious, too, because you BOTH KNOW you are interested. We may as well all post pictures of the nonchalant sides of our far-too-cool faces as our profile pictures and save ourselves the trouble.